Reiki Treatment


Our center offers the best in bodywork treatments, whether you prefer just to relax and de-stress or receive deep penetrating relief from aches and pains. Our traditional bodywork therapies will be one of the nest treatments you ever receive! We pride ourselves in having WORLD-CLASS MASSAGE THERAPISTS.

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Our online booking system is open from 8:30am- 8:30pm. If you are wanting an appointment time that is within a 3 hour window of your requested time, we ask that you call the center at 630-455-5885 during business hours to see if we can get you in. Online appointment requests are not guaranteed, you must either get a confirmation email or call from our front desk staff to be confirm. A credit card on file is required for final confirmation. Requests submitted after 8pm for our first appointment the following day may not be accepted. 

Energy Work

Our center prides itself in offering unique and interesting treatments to our patrons. We believe that a person's path to healing is their own to follow. If you love traditional bodywork but are looking for something a little different, we have amazing treatments to center your mind, body & spirit. 

Reiki Treatment


A powerful, holistic, hands-on system of energy healing that utilizes specific techniques for restoring & balancing the body, mind & spirit. The client is fully clothed while the Reiki practitioner holds his/her hands a few inches from the client’s body as the client receives the Reiki healing energy needed to bring about deep relaxation, clean energy blockages, detoxify the system, and increase the vibrational frequency of the body. Experience the radiant healing of Universal Healing Energy!


30 minutes • $45    |      60 minutes • $70  

Reiki Master Teacher 90 minutes • $110



Reiki Treatment


With light touch and gentle manipulations to the CranioSacral system, self corrective physiological activities take place to correct imbalances and treat a host of health problems.  Excellent therapy for treatments of headaches, migraines, TMJ syndrome, ear and eye problems, learning difficulties, dyslexia, memory loss, hyperactivity, emotional stress and others. This treatment is done completely clothed.

30 minutes add-on any treatment • $55

60 min- Cranial Therapist • $95

90 min Master Cranial Therapist • $125





LIVE drums, rattles and other instruments exposes the recipient to tones, frequencies, and live sound healing. Designed to clear the energetic and physical body while bringing harmony to the system and tune the whole body and mind to their appropriate flow and function. This treatment is done completely clothed. This service is by request with limited availability.
Our current Sound Healer is Chahé Soderholm. *Group Session (3-12 people) also available for discounted rate per person.

60 minutes • $100.     Couples •  $140

*Journey in Salt Cave Add $15



Limited Availability- Please call the center to book this treatment