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Become a member of Soderworld, Body, Mind & Spirit sanctuary and use the facilities to relax, learn about and celebrate all aspects of you. Join like-minded community of seekers, exploring a more balances, happier and healthier life.

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The ultimate of all indulgences. Treat yourself or that special someone to a day of bliss at SoderWorld. All day access to our beautiful property. Hang outdoor by the waterfall or take time to walk the Garden of Eden & Labyrinth.


  • Select your desired massage of choice

  • Select your desired facial experience

  • 15 min Salt Cave Meditation or 45 minute Salt Cave Meditation

  • Private Movement Instruction optional (from $85)

  • Private Meditation Instruction optional (from $70)


$190 & Up

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You and that special someone spend a blissful day sharing in the mind, body and spirit connection. Includes:​

  • 60 min side-by-side couples Relaxation Massages

  • Hot Towel Wipe Down/Aromatherapy

  • 60 min couples private Sound Journey, Movement, or Meditation Class

  • 45 min Salt Cave Session                                                                                                   3 hours of bliss for 2 people • $285


$285 & Up

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Relaxation Sunroom


Alone or with a friend, spend time relaxing. You'll have access to music and the following equipment of your choice:

-Dry Hydro-float bed

-Automatic massage chair

-In-fared Meditation Sauna

(This is a seasonal service based on availability)



5-Pack Member

Price varies depending on the choice of service

$5 off per Massage 

This VIP membership is a delightful package with 5 massages including:

*Free Hot towel wipe down added to each massage session

*Two 45 min Himalayan Salt Cave Sessions, *Two Himalayan Salt Cave Guest Passes, & *One Guest Discount cards for 20% off any massage or facial service  

10-Pack Member

Price varies depending on the choice of service $10 off per Massage

This upgraded VIP membership is a fabulous package with 10 massages including: *Free Hot towel wipe down & Aromatherapy added to each massage session

*Five 45 min Himalayan Salt Cave Sessions, *Five Himalayan Salt Cave Guest Passes, & *Two Guest Discount cards for 20% off any massage or facial service  

10-Pack Himalayan Salt Cave



For centuries, Europeans have sat in natural salt caves to help relieve respiratory, circulatory and skin aliments ~ along with stress. The air is intensively saturated with negative ions along with many minerals. Relax in zero-gravity chairs or hang in floating meditation chairs while being immersed in 5.1 surround sounds of your selected meditation. The salt cave is something like an oasis of fresh air and healing music in the heavily polluted environment in which we live. Choose from over 8 guided meditation sessions.


Includes: 10 - 45 min Himalayan Salt Cave Meditation experience & 2 Guest passes

Request additional Details & purchase a package

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