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Mindfulness with Meka - My Daily Mindfulness

Mindfulness. . . A common used word, but is it achievable? What steps are needed to become mindful? I personally feel the word mindfulness is thrown around like a balloon at a party. Some people understand the steps to become mindful. While others take the first step and forget that it is constant work. Just like keeping the balloon up, you must keep hitting it or it will fall to the ground. To be mindful takes work. Constantly as humans we are evolving; changing every single day. What brought us peace yesterday is in the past. We need to stay present and allow what brings us peace in every moment. For me, it’s starting my day with my mindful practice.

Each morning, as I slowly open my eyes and stretch my body under my warm comfortable blankets, I am reminded how grateful I am to have another day on this beautiful earth. As my eyes adjust to the light I stumble over to my mat. With my heart full of gratitude, I then start my mindful practice. For me to have a practice just winged feels rushed or sometimes not centered. I get lost in the moment. I find if I have written out what I want my practice to be, as I flow, I’m at peace. I know about how long it will take. I know the steps and feel I can just move and honor my mind, body and soul the way it needs. I’ve created several different mindful sheets. Each sheet serving a different purpose. A sheet for when I compete, a sheet that can be done in 10 minutes, one when I’m sad, when I’m overwhelmed, when my anxiety it sneaking up and one just for the normal days. I sit with myself and figure out what sheet would be the best. And I start to flow.

For each sheet, I try to make sure it has a few key points. Yoga, meditation, breath work, and affirmations. The sheet is written out with each step for the flow. For example Sun Salutation A 5 times, or the name of a yoga flow off YouTube, lions breath 10x, lay down and just breath, imagine happy place and list of affirmations.

Affirmations are powerful and I think we need to use them more. I make lists and have them in the bathroom. Every time I use the bathroom, I look myself in the eyes and read the list. I am powerful. I am enough. I am living my best life. I am loved. I am taking the steps needed to see the change I want in the world. I am present. I am allowed to slow down. I am allowed to cry, and so on. I change this list often. I need to switch out my affirmations as I am evolving.

Every morning I take the time for myself. I deserve the self-love. I take the time to start my day off with mindfulness. I find that if I skip my practice, my days are chaotic and I struggle to stay present. Just like making your bed in the morning. When you start the day off with the first steps of achievements, your subconscious mind is at ease and ready for the day. I find also that I am ready to keep the balloon floating. I am happier and ready to do the work.

Here is a video of Mind Daily Mindfulness Routine. . . Enjoy.

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