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SoderWorld Astrology - May 2021

May 2021 (Taurus; April 21 - May 21)

Hello, fellow blog readers! For this week's blog, we will be learning a little bit about the Taurus Zodiac Sign. This post will cover information about the Taurean's personality traits, crystals that would be beneficial for Taureans, and even some suggestions for individuals with their sun signs in Taurus! Hope you all enjoy this quick, yet informative read :-)

General Information about Taurus

  • Element: Earth

  • Color: Green, which is the color of the earth.

  • Planetary ruler: Venus; indicates a natural inclination towards creativity and a love of luxury (Woolfolk, 2006).


  • Strengths: Quiet, affectionate, patient.

  • Weaknesses: Stubborn and resistant to change (Woolfolk, 2006).

Tips for Taureans:

  • Learning to flow throughout situations will be key for Taureans. Taureans can at times feel like they do not like to deviate from the norm, and have strict restraints for themselves with regards to any aspect of their life whether it be in their work, or even their leisure time.

  • Do not feel as if you have to take on all of your problems on your own. Taureans do not like to reach out for help, so remember that reaching out for help is not a sign of weakness (Santos).

  • Because Taureans are so closely linked to the sensual planet Venus, they appreciate the details in life. They generally enjoy diving deep into activities such as listening to music or even taking the time to slowly consume and appreciate the food they love. So, if you find yourself too caught up in your work, make sure you find the time to enjoy and deeply immerse yourself in the little things in life. (McCarthy & Cardenas, 2018).

"The journey of the Taurus is to develop a healthy sense of self-worth and to surrender their strong attachment to material security, wealth and vanity." - McCarthy & Cardenas 2018.


  • Jade: This stone pertains to the third eye chakra, and is very popular in Chinese culture. Jade is known as a protector and is a symbol of purity, and serenity. Jade is said to also stabilize the personality (Hall, 2015).

  • Rhodonite: This stone pertains to the heart chakra and is known to be an emotional balancer. Rhodonite grounds energy and aids in achieving one’s highest potential (Hall, 2015).

  • Emerald: Historically, this stone was attached in any way to the left arm of travelers in order to protect them. Also known as the “Stone of Successful Love”, this stone also enhances unity, partnership, and unconditional love (Hall, 2015).


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