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What is Ayurveda?

 Ayurveda is a holistic health care system often called the “Mother of all healing”.  Ayurveda is the science of life and longevity, embodying physical balance, emotional peace, mental health, environment-mindedness & spiritual development.   ​ Ayurveda is a holistic system which promotes health and vitality using natural, organic and non-toxic substances for healing,  recognizing the inter-connectedness of the body, mind and emotion. ​ Ayurveda  is a healing aspect of Yoga, while Yoga is the spiritual aspect of  Ayurveda. Ayurveda is both systematized knowledge and practical wisdom,  an art of complete and holistic healthy living. Ayurveda places great emphasis on its prevention and self-healing care system. 

Ayurveda Workshops

Karla Cain, CAP

NAMA Board-Certified Ayurveda PractitionerERYT, RYS, YACEP, YTT Lead TrainerPanćakarma Body TherapistCertified Fitness Instructor / Behavioral Change SpecialistFaculty, Ananda Ayurveda Academy Founder, Sattvic Sage Software Solutions


Karla teaches in Phoenix, AZ but travels back to Chicago once a year to lead a Yoga Teacher Training, do private consultation & treatments, & teach workshops.  Online courses available.


 Ananda Ayurveda Academy
at Soderworld

Vaidya Raut is passionate about teaching and promoting Ayurveda. Interested in pursuing an education as an Ayurvedic Counselor? Looking to take your current Counselor knowledge to the next Level?


Ananda Ayurveda Academy


Interested in pursuing an education as an Ayurvedic Counselor? Looking to take your current Counselor knowledge to the next Level?



Level 1 Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor &

Level 2 Ayurvedic Practitioner Programs starting annually in September~


Want to see the school? Need more information? 

Email us at: 

Meet the Program Director & Faculty, see the beautiful school grounds at Soderworld Wellness Center and learn all about our programs.

Optional Internship Course in Kerala, INDIA~



for all details!

Dr. (Vaidya) Ashlesha Raut
 BAMS, MD in Ayurveda (India)

Vaidya Raut is passionate about teaching and promoting Ayurveda and is  an Ayurveda faculty at many colleges in North America. She has been  presented by the North America award of “Charaka” in recognition of her  excellence in Ayurvedic teaching in 2012. She is a ‘Second degree Reiki  healer’. Vaidya Raut was also awarded a prestigious ‘Shiromani Award’ by  Indian Board of Alternative Medicines for her contributions towards the  integrative medicine in the industry. Vaidya Raut is an integrative  Ayurvedic practitioner, Nutritional consultant and a holistic health  educator. She is a third generation Vaidya who is classically trained in  Ayurveda from Mumbai University, India. She earned the distinctive  honor and a gold medal for her post graduate dissertation work. She has  been practicing Ayurveda for more than a decade and has been an integral  part of the Ayurveda healing community with a mission towards providing  a Holistic Path for Wellness and Optimal Health through Ayurveda and  integrative medicine. 

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