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Chiropratic, Acupuncture, & Physical Therapy 


Please call 630-455-5885 to book an appointment with our Chiropractor at our center or click the more info button below to view their website.

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Experience True Health

Chiropractic Wellness Care

Did you know that the length of your life depends on the strength of your spine?  Stress is the number one culprit and too often it goes undetected.  On your first chiropractic visit you will learn just how healthy your spine is and how well you are managing stress.  Our chiropractic approach addresses all kinds of stress:  Body stress with gentle chiropractic adjustments, PT and exercise training. Nutritional stress with food supplements and digestive healing. Emotional stress with lifestyle coaching and meditations. And Energy stress with acupuncture and infrared light therapy.  It’s a complete stress reduction program, custom-tailored to your personal and family needs. 

Dr Sharon Garvey has been serving the community for 37 years and counting.  

Contact us at (708) 269-4400


Hollie Patton
Hollie's Essential Wellness

Women's Health, Chronic Pain, Geriatrics, & Orthopedic Sports Injuries. 


She graduated from Morton College in Cicero, IL; is a board certified Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA); trained in Lymphedema care; and a practicing clinician for over 25 years. Hollie is also certified in Cupping, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage techniques and Essential Oils.

Juggling a dynamic, fun-filled family of 5 with a beautiful career is a blessing she will be forever grateful for. Hollie is extremely passionate about her gift to the world. With her customized body work, she is confident that she can help you to reach the next level of success with any personal body, mind, and spiritual goals.


If you would like to schedule an assessment with customize body work care, please call her mobile (708) 372-8617.

Call (630) 455-5885 or submit a contact request below with questions

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