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Private Coaching, Instruction, & Readings


We offer private & group sessions in a variety of different movement styles, life coaching, & meditation. We also have access to several additional life coaches and healers depending on your needs. 

Some of these services can not be booked online. You must call
630-455-5885 to schedule certain private sessions. Please inquire within about discount rates for GROUP private movement or group meditation sessions. 
Yoga Instructor


Come learn the benefits of movement and how to incorporate it into your life with private or partner/ group instruction. Special attention is given to the individuals’ alignment, breath, and areas of pain or injury. All ages are welcome. Options include: Tai Chi, Qi Gong, many styles & levels of Yoga (partner/acro, restorative, aerial, pre-natal)

75 minute session • $100
75 minute session couples • $135 



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Private one-on-one meditation and breath work instruction is available for all levels of practice. You will learn specific techniques to improve your own healing capabilities as you move to the center of your being. This session will include some theory but mostly physical practice. Also check our class schedule for group classes.

75 minutes session • $95





Eric Soderholm

No one in need of coaching through difficult times should be turned away because of financial burdens. Our one-on-one life coaching is strictly donation based. Donate whatever you feel is a fair energy exchange for the knowledge, advice and service provided. SoderWorld has access to several additional life coaches and healers depending on your needs *fees may apply

45- 60 minutes • LOVE DONATION

Eric Soderholm has been coaching people from all ages for over 30 years. His passion is to see people learn and grow into the highest version of themselves.




Wellness Consultation

Are you not sure where to begin on your healing journey? Are there too many choices and your not sure what to do on your path to wellness? Let us help you in this private consultation/coaching session that will open your eyes to all the holistic options that are out there and which route would be best for your individual needs. We will listen to your story and provide insight and support to help individuals develop a deeper understanding of themselves and how to make positive, transformative changes. Sessions are  with Misty Soderholm.


75 minutes • $100




Astrology Readings with Kierstin 

Astrology is the ancient study of the movement of celestial bodies, (stars, planets, asteroids etc) and how those movements affect us. When we are born, the placement of these celestial bodies is extremely important--it is essentially a snapshot of our natural energies, and what is called our Natal Chart. This chart provides the astrologer with information that can be helpful to breaking old patterns and implementing new and improved habits. Astrology is something that can help us understand who we are and is a great tool for helping cope through hard times. During the session, not only will we take a look at your natural energies, but we will take a look at where the planets are at that time and how they may be affecting you.


Birth date, time and location will be needed for the consultation**

Face to Face or Video Consultation

60 minutes $100  

30 minutes Mini-Consult •  $60



Screen Shot 2022-09-02 at 4.08.11 PM.png

Akashic Record Readings with Heather

Akashic Records Readings are a spiritual practice in which a practitioner accesses a person’s “Akashic Records” - a compendium of knowledge said to be encoded in the etheric plane, which contains information about a person’s past lives, present life, and future possibilities. Heather Pleune completed four levels of training through Akashic Records Consultants International (ARCI) and therefore is a Level IV ARCI Certified Akashic Records Consultant. Among her other intuitive gifts, Heather is a Reiki Master Teacher.


60 minutes • $135




Guiding Light Holistic Life Coaching with Crystal Shepard

Empowering Through Diverse Healing Paths, Crystal Shepard, RN, BSN,  has dedicated over 20 years in traditional nursing and is committed to holistic healing that intertwines physical and spiritual well-being. Driven by a genuine passion to uplift and empower others, she blends spiritual guidance, compassionate care, and evidence-based practices. In her role as a Health & Wellness Coach, Crystal integrates scientific knowledge with spiritual insights. She tailors her approach to suit diverse needs and responses of everyone she nurtures. Her service program consists of a variety of packages with diverse healing modalities, such as Spiritual Life Coaching, Hypnosis, Reiki, Intuitive Energy Healing, and Sound & Light Healing. 

Crystal’s mission is to serve as a catalyst to support individuals in realizing their innate potential and achieving inner balance and peace. Her spiritual understanding facilitates transformative journeys as a beacon of hope—guiding others toward wholeness and self-realization. Her empathetic demeanor promotes self-discovery and healing. Her clients feel safe exploring their vulnerabilities for personal growth. Allow Crystal to help you break free from life’s constraints and unlock your full potential.  Embark yourself on a transformative journey towards growth, resilience, and fulfillment. Take the leap and reclaim control of your life today!


Individual Session Pricing: (1 hour)

  • Holistic Life Coaching session $75 

  • Hypnosis session $125 (1 hour) or if first time $150 (2 hours) 

  • Intuitive Energy Healing Session $80 

  • PEMF therapy session $60

  • Light Therapy session $80

  • Membership packages & Bundles available, inquire within




Homeopath Consultation with Celeste Santiago

If you have been dealing with a chronic ailment or several conditions that leave your doctors puzzled, homeopathy is worth a go! Celeste Santiago, PHom is a certified homeopathic consultant specializing in using a practical form of homeopathy that can assist in your relief! She will help you identify your health obstacles and assist you in overcoming the symptoms impeding you to feel well through an initial 60-minute consultation that involves taking your case. As she becomes your personal health detective, the initial consult is followed with an easy to follow homeopathic remedy report detailing instructions on what's next and is with you every step of the way. You will also gain access to OHM Homeopathic Pharmacy to order remedies as well as weekly 15-minute follow-up zoom calls (so you don't have to travel) and unlimited email communications to help answer important questions. You can feel real well again and gain helpful knowledge on using this powerful yet gentle form of medicine.

6-8 week investment~

Introduction Offer $150

***After the end of 8 weeks, an optional end of program consultation can be scheduled to review your progress and decide to continue to work together as chronic conditions may need more time for lasting progress.




Kaylie Marie
Psychic Medium & Karuna Reiki Master

Mediumship Reading
In a private Mediumship Reading Kaylie connects with your loved ones who have crossed over to the other side and shares the evidence and messages that your loved ones are giving. Kaylie does not control who or what comes through during the session. If asked, she can attempt to speak to a specific loved one on the other side. Otherwise, spirit runs the show because they always seem to give us what we need!

30 Minute Reading: $100

45 Minute Reading: $145

Hybrid Psychic/Mediumship Reading
A hybrid reading consists of (1) mediumship messages where Kaylie connects with your loved ones on the other side, provides evidence that they are still with us, and shares a healing message from your loved one; and (2) psychic messages where Kaylie pulls oracle cards to connect with your higher self or spirit guides to help bring you guidance. Often Kaylie gives insight to what she senses about your relationships, health, or career. Sometimes issues may come forward where she can help bring guidance and aid in healing the emotional body as well.

30 Minute Reading: $100

45 Minute Reading: $145

Reiki Energy Healing with Psychic/Mediumship Messages

In her Reiki sessions, Kaylie tunes into your higher self, guides, and loved ones around you. While receiving your energy healing, Kaylie will share whatever messages she receives from spirit. Your Reiki session is infused with psychic/mediumship messages as Kaylie connects with healing communications from nonphysical for your highest good.

30 Minute Reading: $100

60 Minute Reading: $145

*Kaylie will be seeing clients every other Sunday

*There will be a slight price increase with Kaylie as of July 1st 2024.



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