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SoderWorld has access to several additional life coaches and healers depending on your need

Private Sessions

Holistic Medicine means consideration of the complete person, physically, psychology, socially & spiritually, in the management & prevention of disease. It is underpinned by the concept that there is a link between our physical health and our general "well being".


Come learn the benefits of movement and how to incorporate it into your life with private or partner/ group instruction. Special attention is given to the individuals’ alignment, breath, and areas of pain or injury. All ages are welcome. Options include: Dance Tai Chi Qi Gong Hoola Hoops Beginner’s Yoga Kid/Teen Yoga Curvy Goddess Yoga Restorative/Gentle Yoga

75 minute session • $85
75 minute session couples • $110 




Private, individual meditation for beginners to the advanced are available to learn specific techniques to improve your level of depth as you move to the center of your being. Also check our class schedule for group classes.

60 minutes session • $70




No one in need of coaching through difficult times should be turned away because of financial burdens. Our one-on-one life coaching is strictly donation based. Donate whatever you feel is a fair energy exchange for the knowledge, advice and service provided. SoderWorld has access to several additional life coaches and healers depending on your needs*. *fees may apply

45 minutes • LOVE DONATION

Eric Soderholm

SoderWorld LifeCoach

Eric Soderholm is a former Major League Baseball player, successful entrepreneur and co-founder of SoderWorld Wellness Center. Eric has been coaching people from all ages for over 30 years. His passion is to see people learn and grow into the highest version of themselves.



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