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ATTENTION: As of 8/1/2019 there will be a slight price increase on some services.  Packages with Old prices will still be honored until finished.

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Massage Therapies

Traditional Bodywork & Asian Bodywork

Our center offers the best in bodywork treatments, whether you prefer just to relax and de-stress or receive deep penetrating relief from aches and pains. Our traditional bodywork therapies will be one of the nest treatments you ever receive! We pride ourselves in having WORLD-CLASS MASSAGE THERAPISTS.


This classic full body European style of massage, either using cream or oil, is designed to energize and invigorate the body as well as increase relaxation, decrease stress and alleviate overall muscle tension. Abdominal work upon request.

30 minutes • $45    |   75 minutes • $95
60 minutes • $75    |   90 minutes • $115    




This therapeutic traditional massage focuses on specific areas of pain and discomfort by penetrating deep layers of muscle and connective tissue to help relieve muscular soreness, assist in injury rehabilitation, and reduce swelling. This is not generally a full body massage, due to clients specific issues & needs.

30 minutes • $60    |   75 minutes • $115
60 minutes • $90    |   90 minutes • $145

2 hours • $170




This massage gives the therapist enough time to cover the entire body and uses a combination of Swedish techniques to achieve overall relaxation and Deep Tissue techniques to decrease muscle soreness by also focusing on specific areas of pain. Abdominal work done upon request.

75 minutes • $105   |   90 minutes • $135   2 hours • $165




Come to SoderWorld with your loved one and get side-by-side Swedish massages in the same room. This very popular massage is a great gift for anniversaries, holidays and birthday gifts. You may upgrade to longer or different massage by paying the difference between services. * Upgrade your treatment with an aromatherapy oil, hot towel wipe down, OR 15 min Salt Cave Experience for $10

60 minutes • $150   |   90 minutes • $230   75 minutes • $190




This highly vigorous & energetic massage penetrates deep layers of the muscle fibers where chronic pain often resides. This wonderful massage is a combination of hands-on deep tissue work, stretching and/or a therapeutic techiques, often used by many professional athletes around the world.

60 minutes • $85    |   75 minutes • $110    90 minutes • $140




This massage is designed to relax and nurture the expectant mother. It provides wonderful relief for body discomforts brought on by pregnancy in such areas as back, hips, legs, neck and shoulders.. *Abdominal work upon request which gives the baby a little massage. This massage is for 2nd & 3rd trimester of pregnancy only.

Abdominal work, which gives the baby a little massage, available upon request. (Second or third trimester only)

60 minutes • $75    |   75 minutes • $95    90 minutes • $115




This massage targets the head, neck, shoulders, arms and back and is performed while the client is fully clothed. This energetic massage is done on a seated massage chair and will leave your muscles and joints feeling loose and flexible.

$1.25 per minute




This traditional Thailand massage incorporates assisted Hatha Yoga and acupressure work. 3-Dimensional movements of gentle rocking, deep stretching and compression are done with client fully-clothed on a mat on the floor. This treatment helps one reach a state of deep relaxation and comfort in the body, clear blockages of energy and generate a flow of Chi, resulting in a burst of energy.

75 minutes • $115   |    90 minutes • $140    2 hours • $165





Shiatsu uses the network of meridians or energy pathways that relate to the functioning of the internal organs as well as our emotional, psychological, and spiritual harmony. Shiatsu is done with client fully-clothed and incorporates stretches and thumb, finger, palm, elbow, knee, and foot pressure by the therapist to induce deep relaxation and a feeling of well being and increase the energy flow.

60 minutes • $75   |  75 minutes • $105

90 minutes • $135




This beloved Hawaiian massage is designed to lovingly enlighten & awaken the spirit by an intuitive dance performed between the therapist & client, similar to Esalen. This longer, sacred practice, incorporates long, fluid, & rhythmic strokes along with deep tissue, breathwork, plus gentle stretches & rotations of the joints.

90 minutes • $155  |  2 hours • $180
2 1/2 hours • $225   |   3 hours • $270




This ancient Chinese technique uses reflex pressure points on the hands and feet that correspond to every major organ, gland and area of the body to restore balance and energy.

30 minutes • $55 (Feet Only)   

60 minutes • $80 (Hands & Feet)





This combo massage incorporates many Swedish/Esalen strokes as well as many principles of Thai Massage with stretching, rocking, and acupressure. Done with the client unclothed on a massage table. A truly unique & spiritual experience that will leave your body & spirit feeling open & free.

75 minutes • $110   |   90 minutes • $140




Unlike its counterpart, this Thai massage is performed on a massage table versus a mat on the floor. The sensation of this massage feels like a smooth deep tissue with ample stretching. It stretches the muscle with long deep strokes, and is very unique.

60 minutes • $85



 Gua Sha* — 15 min. scraping skin surface to increase blood flow to injured body areas • $20

Reiki • $35

Cranial Sacral • $45

Cupping* — 30 min. localized suction for blood flow • $40 (Cannot be on Blood Thinners)

Reflexology (feet only) $50

Hot Towel Wipe Down • $5

Aromatherapy with Essential oils • $7

2nd Therapist on Specialty Treatments • $50

Salt Glow • $50

ADD-ON's Performed by Select Therapists
You can add 30 minutes of any of the following:

ADD-ON Treatments 

*notate which ADD-ON's you want to add to your service in your appt request

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