Salt Cave

SoderWorld offers amenities to help heal your body, relax your mind and
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Meditation in the Himalayan Salt Cave

15 minutes • $5* 45 minutes • $15
*First time cavers enjoy a complimentary 15 minute session


10 - 45 Minute session • $100 ($150 Value)

PLUS 2 - Himalayan Salt Cave GUEST PASSES

($30 Value)


For centuries, Europeans have sat in natural salt caves to help relieve respiratory, circulatory and skin aliments ~ along with stress. The air is intensively saturated with negative ions along with many minerals. Relax in zero-gravity chairs or hang in floating meditation chairs while being immersed in 5.1 surround sounds of your selected meditation. The salt cave is something like an oasis of fresh air and healing music in the heavily polluted environment in which we live. Choose from over 8 guided meditation sessions.

Himalayan Salt Cave

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