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Kid & Teen Workshops


Mindfulness with Meka

Our sanctuary gives kids a fun and safe environment to practice the foundations of yoga, mindful movement, breathwork, meditation, spirituality, nature connection, energywork/self-healing & art. If bad weather, workshop will be brought indoor and Salt cave session will be substituted for Nature walk. Our purpose is to help build strength, balance, flexibility, peace of mind, creativity, self-love and confidence in our kids.

A variety of Kids & Family Workshops offered:

*Mindful Movement/Yoga
*Breathwork & Meditation
*Garden & Labyrinth Walks
*Creative Art Projects/ Journaling
*Self Love & Healing

*Talking Circles/Ceremonies
*Nature Connection & Crystals

*Sound Journey Healing

*Dance Parties

*Movie & Paint Nights

Mindfulness with Meka Workshops


Meka Leach is a certified Bhakti yoga teacher of 200 hours, being the youngest in the USA to finish the certification classes. She is a certified Harmonic Waves Healing practitioner. Performing sound healing for adult only as well as children only classes. Meka is the youngest instructor and facilitator at Soderworld wellness center and the surrounding area/ community. Meka is the founder of Mindfulness with Meka a class, program and book she has hand written from her soul targeting children 10-17 years old. At the age of 10 she started teaching a kids only class about mindful living. She is an amazing loving soul and has a passion for holistic health and mindful practice. She is attuned Reiki Master. She loves crystals and she wants to change her generation. She has been featured in many news segments & magazine articles as well. 

Want to learn some daily mindfulness tips from Meka? Check out her video in our SoderWorld Blog page.


Meka was interviewed for a national news segment that was filmed at Soderworld! It aired on news stations all over the US. Click the link below to see the article & video.


Meka received the honor of being named Meditation Magazine's top 115 most powerful women in Meditation. Check it out below! 

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