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Dreamweavers Collective

Welcome to our dream.  

That our collective consciousness rises together in love through sacred sound ceremonies, mediation and conscious music.

Dreamweavers Core members Treya Jaholkowska and “Chahé” Chad Soderholm are Sound Journey Meditation facilitators, blending a variety of ancient traditional as well as contemporary instruments from many cultures, into a unique sonic experience. Originally from Chicago, they offer Sound Journeys, meditation classes, ceremonies and facilitate all kinds of mindfulness experiences around the country.  


In 2018 Chahé and Treya formed the Dreamweavers Collective in Phoenix, AZ and have been facilitating group and private Sound Healing Journeys since then. 


Together they created a unique style incorporating a variety of eclectic instruments, like drums, gongs, Native flutes, Tibetan and crystal bowls, reverie harp, didgeridoo, koto, ukulele and more. Adding Sanskrit chants, healing songs and guided meditation produces a unique soundscape that helps elicit a more balanced and blissful state of being. Harmonic frequencies create the pathway to a place of stillness. By using specific rhythm and frequency, we entrain our brainwaves to a more peaceful and relaxed state of health and well-being. For Treya and Chahe music has been an ever deepening catalyst for healing and they are honored to share this medicine with others.

More about the Core Members:

Treya Jaholkowska

Treya is an Event coordinator and an Instructor at SoderWorld Wellness Center.  A Sound Healing Practitioner with the Dreamweavers Collective (IG:dreamweavers333).


She discovered the power of sound and music when she was gifted a Native American flute two decades ago. Since then this healing instrument traveled the world with her and it’s soothing frequency has been a salve for her soul.


Interest in spirituality, an alternative and sustainable living led her to study and volunteer in various conscious and spiritual communities in Hawaii, India and Europe for over 7 years. Living and volunteering in monasteries and ashrams, exposed her to a variety of yogic practices in an atmosphere that was imbued with sacred sounds of mantra chanting and devotional music. These profoundly transformative and inspirational experiences helped set the foundation for finding inner joy, peace and balance. She is a certified Yoga Instructor as well as an aspiring artist and musician.

Currently she offers meditation, yoga and chanting classes, women’s circles, retreats, ceremonies and other mindfulness experiences.


Chahé “Chad Soderholm”

Chahé is a co-founder, executive director, sound healer, yoga, meditation and ceremony facilitator at SoderWorld Body, Mind and Spirit Sanctuary ( Chahé and his family have been involved with the wellness industry for over 25 years.  Their unique log cabin A-Frame wellness center/universal church is located in Willowbrook, Illinois and specializes in a wide variety of alternative health practices to align body, mind and spirit.  

Chahé is also a writer, director, musician and entrepreneur and a producer of conscious events, lectures on various subjects from spirituality to conscious living and leads sound healing ceremonies, conscious men’s circles & wellness retreats.

Chahé believes that sound and frequency are the core components to a healthy life and lifestyle.  Through the use of ancient instruments alongside the modern technological possibilities, Chahé helps to weave the sonic landscape for people to journey deep within.

​Style: Conscious Music & Sound Healing Ceremonies

Core Members: Treya & Chahé, additional members added when required

Currently based from: Chicago, IL USA

Main Venue: SoderWorld Body, Mind & Spirit Sanctuary

Social Links: IG @dreamweavers333

Get in contact with us at:

Sound Journey Healing Sessions Available at SoderWorld!

LIVE drums, rattles and other instruments exposes the recipient to tones, frequencies, and live sound healing. Designed to clear the energetic and physical body while bringing harmony to the system and tune the whole body and mind to their appropriate flow and function. This treatment is done completely clothed. This service is by request with limited availability.
Our current Sound Healer is Chahé Soderholm.  *Journey in Salt Cave Add $40

Individual Sessions: (1 therapist)

60 minutes • $110  |  90 minutes  • $160

Couples (2-4 people): (2 therapists)

60 min •  $210  |   90 min • $260

Private Groups: (2 therapists)

(5-10 people) 

60 min •  $50 each   |   90 min •  $60 each

(11-14 people) 

60 min •  $45 each   |   90 min •  $55 each

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