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​Style: Conscious Music & Sound Healing Ceremonies

Core Member: Chahé Chüwa + additional collaborators added when required

Currently based from: Chicago, IL USA

Main Venue: SoderWorld Body, Mind & Spirit Sanctuary

Social Links: IG @chahechuwa

Get in contact with us at:

Hallowed Bones: A Sacred Sonic Journey


Embark on a transcendent auditory voyage with "Hallowed Bones," the visionary project helmed by the multi-talented Chahé Chüwa, featuring an ensemble of special guest musicians. Rooted in the profound Zen Buddhist philosophy of being a 'Hollow Bone,' where the self becomes a conduit for the divine, "Hallowed Bones" transforms this concept into a sacred, musical form.

In this hallowed (holy) space, every note and rhythm is an act of reverence, creating a sanctuary where sound and spirit converge. "Hallowed Bones" offers an immersive guided sonic experience unlike any other, blending the primal power of native shamanic instruments with the expansive possibilities of modern tones and frequencies.

Experience the resonating depths of Gongs, the heartbeat rhythm of Shamanic Drums, and the soul-stirring vibrations of the Didgeridoo. Let the intertwining Voices and Toning transport you to a realm of inner peace and cosmic connection, harmonizing with healing instruments from across the globe.

"Hallowed Bones" is more than a musical project; it's a journey to the core of your being, a sacred echo resonating in the hollow of your bones, inviting you to experience the divine through the universal language of music. Join us in this unique fusion, where ancient rhythms meet contemporary sounds, and embark on a voyage that promises to nourish the soul and awaken the spirit.

Core Member


Chahé Chüwa - “aka Chad Eric Soderholm”

Chahé is an artist, musician, minister, breath & sound healing facilitator and co-founder and executive director at SoderWorld Body, Mind and Spirit Sanctuary. Chahé and his family have been involved with the wellness industry for over 25 years.  Their unique log cabin A-Frame wellness center/universal church is located in Willowbrook, Illinois and specializes in a wide variety of alternative health practices to align body, mind and spirit.  

Chahé is a multi-instrumentalist and sound enthusiast who applies his knowledge of music production to create an immersive sonic experience both recorded and LIVE. 

Chahé is also producer of conscious events, speaker on various subjects from spirituality to conscious living and leads sound healing ceremonies, conscious men’s circles & wellness retreats.

Chahé believes that sound and frequency are the core components to a healthy life and lifestyle.  Through the use of ancient instruments alongside the modern technological possibilities, Chahé helps to weave the sonic landscape for people to journey deep within.


Ronald Roesing

Shamanic Drummer and Gong Specialist

Ron has been a professional studio drummer for over 30 years.  He has played with and recorded with some of the biggest music names around.  Ron currently offers private sound healings with Gongs and Drums at his studio space in Orland Park.

Ryan Chada

Lead and Rhythm Guitar

Lead Guitarist, Ryan Chada.  Ryan has been playing guitar since he was 15 years old.  His love for meditation and ambient music inspired him to use effects and gear along his guitar to create a unique tapestry of sonic enjoyment. He is currently the lead guitarist for the bands Cosmik Giggle and Great Mystery.

Gabriela Mejia (aka G.E.M.)

Multi-instrumentalist, Vocals

Singer/Songwriter, Gabriella Meiji (aka G.E.M.).  A Renaissance woman, Gabriela dedicates her life to being a fine artist, musician and a Polynesian dancer. She began her love of music and art in Honduras at 5 yrs old upon introduction to a mini keyboard and has also immersed herself in the culture, energy and dance of Polynesia for 20+ years here She is a muralist, illustrator and visionary artist out of Carbondale CO and exhibited her music and artwork throughout the country.

John Yost


John performs, records, presents and instructs internationally. John is a Certified Drum Circle Facilitator by both Village Music Circles and the Drum Circle Facilitator’s Guild. In 2020 John became a global trainer for Village Music Circle teaching people how to facilitate community drum circles.  He has studied drumming in Africa, Japan, and in the USA. 

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