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Bye Bye 2020 - thanks for the wild ride.

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

This past year has been quite a ride for us here at SoderWorld and for the entire world. In the beginning of 2020, like everyone else, we too were excited for the clear vision of 2020. We started hearing the rumblings of a potentially deadly virus heading towards the United States in early 2020. Shortly there after SoderWorld was forced to close its doors per IL state COVID guidelines. Confused and bewildered we scrambled to adjust.

During this time many of us had to do a 180 degree turn in our lives. Myself and my partner Treya moved to Phoenix over a year ago but now found ourselves with a hard/easy decision to move back home to Chicago to be closer to family. This allowed us to rally the troops and circle the wagons. The challenge began then the blessings appeared.

"Before Enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After Enlightenment, chop wood and carry water."

This is an old Buddhist saying that makes us think of the devotional work one does in a monastery, a temple or an ashram. The journey back to SoderWorld and the 3 months of it being shut down allowed us to devote our time into the many projects we have dreamed about for years. The mission to turn SoderWorld into one of the best body, mind and spirit sanctuary in the world was underway. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

"It's amazing what can get done with talented people who have time and a passion to make magic."

In 2020, Soderholm family and the SoderWorld community set out to upgrade from SoderWorld 1.0 to SoderWorld v 2.0. We:

  • Remolded and opened up the front entryway

  • Redesigned the Gazebo into a Gaia Mediation Temple (Mantras)

  • Built a Zen Raking Meditation Garden

  • Redesigned waterfall swing area

  • Created butterfly/Fairy garden

  • Remolded and restocked retail loft space

  • Reworked Soderworld Branding (Logo and Brand identity)

  • Reworked entire brochure and website (

  • Painted more on the Eagle/Condor Mural (now 80% complete)

  • Installed new colored lighting system in Yoga Room

  • Striped, Sanded, Repainted and resealed the rainbow bridge

  • Sanded, Repainted and sealed the labyrinth

  • New pathways and pathway lighting

  • Enhancements to the Garden of Eden

  • Went through a massive flood...

"Teamwork makes the dreamwork. All of this was not possible without the generous donations of time, money, items, sharing with others, love, sweat, & tears from our community."

All of that hard work created a beautiful sanctuary for all to enjoy. A true labor of love. Here are just a few fruits of our labor.

"Our inner shifts of 2020 planted the seeds for us to grow and create the outward expression of a better, brighter and more beautiful world. 2021 will be a year of manifestations and expansion of the SoderWorld vision and its community. It's now time to upgrade into SoderWorld 3.0."

What's in store for 2021:

  • SoderWorld film production/recording studio (conscious music & video content)

  • SoderWorld Media (blog publishing and video series)

  • LIVE-Stream Virtual Classes and Workshops

  • On-demand video content (body, mind and spiritual development)

  • New Salt Cave Meditations (Coming in February)

  • Immersive sound vibrational healing experiences

  • New visionary Art Gallery and Bliss-out Lounge

  • Additional professional holistic services (Holistic MD, DO and psychologists)

  • More LIVE music and community gatherings

  • Pathway lighting the back portion of the Garden of Eden

  • Build enclosure over the labyrinth

  • Setup 501(c)3 non-profit (SoderWorld Church of Universal Consciousness)

We love our commUNITY! We appreciate the continued support of our vision. If there are any projects you see listed that you feel you would like to support (volunteers, donations, skillsets or connections) please let us know. How else can you help? Tell others about SoderWorld, give good reviews, like and share our content with others. Spread the word that we are here to help people heal so they can start living a more empowered and peaceful life. Thank you to all who has help in this vision, you know who you are. :)

Our wish...abundance of love, joy, good health and peace for everyone.

We, here at SoderWorld wish you all a blessed road ahead. May our dreams of a better world for all manifest in the here and now.

So, "peace-out" 2020, it's been real...but now it's time to go. Bring in 2021.

A'ho and Namaste.


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