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Pre Covid, Post Covid, No Covid. . . The Natural Approach by Dr. Garvey

Masks, Social Distancing and Beyond.

We have all been wearing masks and social distancing to keep the Covid 19 germs away. I applaud the world for having the tenacity and discipline to follow such rigid rules. It has worked to keep the spread of germs down by controlling the outside environment and the amount of germs that we are exposed to. Less germs, less attack on us, and less fight on our part. That's great, however, it has its limits. We are all aware of the fact that those with weakened immune systems are the ones that have more Covid complications and are at a far greater risk. Kudos to the world for protecting ourselves and the immunocompromised, but there is more that we can do.

Enforcing controls on germs is like trying to control rats in a city alley. Putting walls up around the garbage cans, staying out of the alley, or having someone outside making noise to scare the rats away works for a while. But as long as the garbage is in the alley, those hungry rats are going to find a way to get in to survive. The more stench and garbage there is, the more rats we attract. Logically, if you clean up the alley, and the rats disappear, looking for "greener pastures". They will find another more suitable home to feed on. Why? It's all about survival...and those rats will fight hard to survive!

Germs are similar to rats in that they need the right environment to feed on and they will do anything to survive. That is why you hear of them mutating (changing), they adapt to survive. The fact is that germs are always around us. We can't control them, any more than we can effectively control the rat population.

The great news is that a healthy body is made to fight germs off naturally. It's included in the price of life. So what does our survival depend on? Think about it, if you are in a room with one sick person, are you necessarily going to get sick? The answer is always no, it depends on your immune response, your inborn, God-given immunity.

Immunity is an inside job. In a nutshell, it is your body's ability to adapt and protect. You touch a hot stove, you quickly adapt by pulling away. When cold temperatures chill you, your body shivers to create warmth. Should you eat poison, you end up vomiting it out. If you breathe in germs and they enter your lungs, your immune system sends fluids to engulf the germs, and you then cough them out.

As a chiropractor, I remind my patients of the importance of a healthy spine. You see, your spine is your motor to your brain. The less stress there is, the quicker your body is able to adapt to anything and everything. So a healthy spine automatically runs a more efficient response to germs and has a stronger immune system.

You are made of billions of individual cells. Your immunity depends on the health of every cell, your building blocks. Strong cells keep germs out and fight a good fight. Feeding your "army" to keep them strong helps you to beat the germs and get rid of them. Taking specific vitamins, eating nutritious foods, getting plenty of exercise, fresh air, water, rest, and sunlight all build a stronger army of cells.

Digestion is the last key to health. When our digestive system is not fully functioning, we end up with garbage and toxins in our body, creating an atmosphere where germs flourish. Similar to the rat situation, taking steps to clean up the toxins starves out the germs and puts you back in control.

You were born to be healthy! Healing happens naturally when we are healthy. If you cut yourself and put a bandaid on it to make the conditions right for healing, in no time it heals. If you don't take care of the wound then eventually the germs overcome your body's natural defenses and infection sets in. If you have a condition, like diabetes, where the circulation to the limbs breaks down, then the wound may not heal either. The bottom line is that the healthier your body is, the better it fights germs.

Dr. Sharon Garvey is a Chiropractor at SoderWorld Wellness Center in Willowbrook, IL. You can reach her directly at (708) 269-4400, at, or visit her website at

Join me for my free zoom webinar, Saturday afternoon, March 20th @ 1 PM to learn more about becoming "Covid Confident". Like it or not, you can count on the fact that there will be another flu season. I want you to be one of the strong ones, starting today.

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