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"Safe at Holm" with Eric Soderholm - Lesson 1 - Synchronicity - How SoderWorld Came to Be

We, here at SoderWorld Media had the great pleasure to interview co-founder and former major league baseball player, Eric Soderholm. We recorded numerous stories which will become part of SoderWorld's new online video series called "Safe at Holm - Spiritual lessons from life & baseball."

For those who don't know, Eric Soderholm, played 9 years in the major leagues with the teams: Minnesota Twins, Chicago White Sox, Texas Rangers, and New York Yankees. Eric and wife Ginny, along with son Chad and daughter Misty settled in the southwest suburbs of Chicago and founded several business over the years, most notably, Front Row Ticket Service during the 80's & 90's.

From the success of their hard work and determination, Eric and family were able to start the project the Soderholm family was destined for, a body, mind and spirit sanctuary called SoderWorld.

In this first lesson, Eric speaks about the origins of SoderWorld and the synchronistic moments which led to where we are now. Enjoy the story on how SoderWorld came to be...WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW

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