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SoderWorld Astrology - April 2021

Updated: Mar 7

April 2021 (Aries; March 21- April 19)

Hello, fellow SoderWorld blog readers! This week we will take a look into the Aries zodiac sign. This article will cover information ranging from the planetary rulers to certain personality traits that Aries exhibit strongly. Hope you enjoy!

General information about the Aries Zodiac Sign

Element: Fire

Color: Red

Sign and planetary ruler

  • Mars; planet of aggression and conflict. Mars’s influence denotes courage and compassion but can also foster tension and accidents (Woolfolk, 2006)


  • Strengths: courteous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, passionate (

  • Weaknesses: impatient, moody, short-tempered, impulsive, aggressive (

  • Typically, Aries individuals do what they want and are not afraid of conflict. Aries are always sure of what they want and always jump towards their goals. With this being said, their “cut to the chase” personality can end up causing them pain and grief (

  • Natural-born leaders who do not enjoy being told what to do.

  • Overall, the Aries sign represents the beginning of seasons and vitality when new life forms during the springtime (McCarthy, 2018).

Tips for Aries

  • While this is much easier said than done, try to partake in activities that you find grounding. Whether it is journaling, taking a mindful walk outside in nature, or meditating, these grounding practices can help prevent any grief or pain from one’s quick lifestyle.

  • Learning patience and altruism is one of the most important aspects due to Aries being so headstrong and direct.

  • Being natural leaders, Aries naturally can find themselves ignoring the input of others and sticking with their own gut. Remember that input from groups can greatly benefit a leader’s purpose and can bring forth ideas that the leader would have never thought of before.

  • Slow down and bring projects and ideas to completion; in other words, take one task on at a time (McCarthy, 2018).

“If Arians can harness their vast stores of vitality and direct them toward the greater good, their trailblazing could spark fires of inspiration while initiating much-needed change in the world” - Juliana McCarthy

Stones for Aries

  • Citrine (this month's crystal of the month!), red jasper, carnelian, amethyst, crystal quartz, garnet, amongst others (Santos, 2021)


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