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Everything is Springing up to life!

Our Garden of Eden spring projects are underway!

We had a beautiful day being outside in nature with some of our amazing volunteers helping us get the gardens ready to bloom.

THANK YOU to everyone who came to help beautify our sanctuary, we are truly grateful for all of you!

SPRING COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER DAY This date will be announced Soon!

Every year we have an amazing time when we come together as a CommUNITY to clean up and beautify our sanctuary.

Projects can be anything from planting our community garden, to weeding, painting, building/repairing outdoor structures, etc..

Also, please know we always welcome volunteers throughout the year to help us maintain the sanctuary and work on new projects along the way.

Volunteer Opportunities: If you, your family, troop, or organization have an interest in Volunteering in any capacity at SoderWorld please email us at:

Congrats to Adam and Eve!!

We have eggs!! Only 3 so far but what an exciting day! Please be very careful if you come and walk our gardens to not get too close to where their nest is. Adam is in protection mode, very aggressive and will bite if you get too close. Can’t wait for the baby cygnets!

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