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Men's Talking Circle at SoderWorld


Come with Brotherhood in your Heart

The 3rd Monday of Every Month

7pm - 9pm

$10 Suggested Love Donation

Hosted by Chahé and Eric Soderholm

Our troubled society has been pushing men towards a subtle, unique type of emotional isolation. Often times men don’t feel comfortable talking about their lives or how they feel about things that are happening. Even guys that are self-aware and more open-minded have trouble sharing in this way. And this becomes a problem because when a guy faces the unavoidable adversities of life, much like the current times, they realize that they don’t have many healthy outlets. This creates a lot of pressure so guys eventually burn out, blow up or meltdown.

Instead of this route, we choose to meet in private where we won’t be scrutinized for being honest, vulnerable or supportive with one another. Our circle is a group of conscious men committed to supporting each other in living out our purpose. We meet once a month at SoderWorld Wellness Center in the yoga studio or outside around a fire.

The goal of this group is to provide a safe and confidential space for men to vent, rant, reminisce, tell stories, ask for advice or just enjoy some male bonding. Come join our community of seekers helping amplify our collective masculine energies together.

Feel free to bring food and beverages to snack on.

This is a male only event. It is a non-denominational gathering which focuses on the light and the shadow work of the divine masculine. There is no affiliation with any particular tradition or religion. The intent is to create a sacred space for men to come together and heal together. Disruptive, aggressive or angry energy towards other members will not be tolerated.

Come with love and brotherhood in your hearts.


Upcoming Men's Circle Dates:

June 21st July 19th

Aug 16th

Sept 20th

Call 630.455.5885 or Signup with MINDBODY Online.

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