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Therapist of the Month - June 2021

We are happy to announce that Rachel Schmitz is back from a long hiatus, and is taking appointments for massage again here at Soderworld.

To celebrate her return, she is our featured therapist for June.

Rachel has been practicing massage therapy for almost ten years now. She has a passion for muscle anatomy and understanding how structures connect and move together, which leads her to specialize in addressing chronic pain and movement restrictions. This passion has also led her to become an educator, and she has been teaching in massage therapy programs for most of her career.

Rachel brings a compassionate touch to her practice of massage therapy, especially since in a former life she was a trained social worker. The career transition was a fairly natural one, as both professions require a therapist to hold space for healing and act as a helper that facilitates a client’s positive change. Having found that she prefers encourage change through the work of her hands, massage therapy was a natural fit for this healing professional.

While Rachel works in a wide breadth of massage styles, her favorite modalities incorporate rhythmic movement, stretching, and targeted compression to release trigger points and restrictions. She incorporates all her favorite techniques into her version of the Table Thai massage, which is an invigorating, stretch-based treatment that can be received fully clothed on a massage table. She is excited to offer this unique treatment at a 10% discount for the month of June.

Throughout the month of June, Rachel would like to offer 10% off on Table Thai Massage sessions! All you need to do is mention this blog post at the time of booking your appointment, and this discount is yours! This discount is only available for Table Thai Massage sessions booked with Rachel during the month of June 2021.

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