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SoderWorld's Very Own Weekly Blog!

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

That's right! All of us at SoderWorld have agreed to start our very own weekly blog to become more connected with those who are interested in our services, atmosphere, and most importantly, what embodies SoderWorld as a whole!

Starting March 1st, we will be releasing weekly postings that will cover multiple topics that we at SoderWorld hold near and dear to our hearts. These short posts will give our community and readers a closer look into our lovely staff, the services we offer, and even items we sell at our wellness center. Bonus content will also be released sporadically to entice our readers of other topics they may find interest in.

After a long and dark 2020, SoderWorld has made it a focal point for 2021 to be more connected with our community through all forms of social media. Many plans and ideas have been discussed and come to life for our introduction into the media world, and we are very excited to begin this journey with you all!

As of now, we have created a short weekly schedule for postings you can expect each week, every month. Once a week, we will be releasing a post focusing on one topic that will vary from week to week. Listed below is the schedule of topics you can expect from our SoderWorld Blog Squad!

Week 1: Crystal of the Month

Week 2: Astrology 101

Week 3: Feature on Therapist of the Month

Week 4: Feature on Service of the Month (Provided by therapist of the month)

Bonus Content: Random post releases throughout each month

We have designed the schedule to cover multiple topics so that our readers can enjoy and even learn some new information they may not have heard much about.

Keep on the lookout for our weekly postings starting Monday, March 1st! We hope you enjoy what's to come, and we thank you for following along and growing with us on this exciting new journey!

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